The first-time expat

This blog posting begins the story of my journey to Rayong, Thailand with my wife and two children.  To you give you the back story, my wife is an elementary school music teacher who has always had the desire to teach overseas.  A few months back, after some discussion, we both agreed that we were willing for her to pursue a few applications to teach music at international schools overseas.  Honestly I did not expect her to ever receive a lucrative offer as she would be traveling with 3 dependents, aka – myself and our two children.  She applied to countless locations ranging anywhere from Spain, China, Myanmar, Grand Cayman, and Thailand.  At the beginning of this year she received an interview and job offer to teach in Rayong, Thailand for two years.  Now begins the process of preparing to move our family overseas, something none have us have ever done.

My wife and I have always lived in the United States within Georgia.  We have traveled throughout the country as well as Mexico, but never overseas.  We have been living in Atlanta, GA for the past 8 years.  My wife has been teaching for 12 years and I have worked various job roles in high-end restaurants and hotels.  Needless to say, this move is supremely exciting while horrifically daunting all at the same time.  There are many moving parts that need to work seamlessly in order to allow a smooth transition to Thailand.  Will our house stay rented?  Can we sell our cars?  Can we part with most of our stuff?  Will our families be ok? What about our pets?  How easily will we be able to adapt upon arrival?  A 22 hour flight with small children!?!  All of these things have continuously floated around in my mind as I live each day manically bouncing between fear, excitement, sadness, and eager anticipation.  Ultimately I’ve decided to start  this blog in order to document the emotions I’ve felt along the way so that others who undertake this challenge might find this information insightful and useful.

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