Break it to the Family

Breaking the news to your family and friends is one of the hardest parts, in my opinion, of moving overseas.  You will find a multitude of reactions; excitement, anger, envy, sadness, disbelief, worry, etc.   Your family loves you and wants the best for you but it is sometimes difficult to make someone else understand making a move such as this.  I continually reassure them that it is temporary.  Both sets of our parents have always remained within the general vicinity that they were born so moving such a distance is far beyond reason in their opinion.  Of course we will miss them immensely upon departure, but we will take every measure to ensure we keep communication regular.  We have invested in a new laptop to ensure that we have no issue keeping contact while being on the other side of the world.  Bottom line, this process is much easier when you have a support system from loved ones.  For myself, this is very important.

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