Empty House Full Heart

I am currently sitting on the floor in my empty house.  This was our first home.  While living here we were married, had two kids, had 5 pets, once starred in an international commercial filmed for The Home Depot… right here!  This is our last night in this home.  Someone else will call this place “home” for the next three years as we were able to secure a tenant.  We have a mattress laid in the middle of an empty living room to sleep on.  Such a feeling!  I am excited for these upcoming possibilities and experiences that will mold and change my outlook on life as well as for my family.  I honestly cannot put into words this feeling as it is something never before experienced.  It is a chapter is closing which will open this new one at hand.

Love is Evident

Today I was able to gather with some of my closest family.  My father, mother, sister, niece, nephews and children were all together at my childhood home to spend some quality time together before this move.  We were able to talk about our past, discuss our futures, laugh with my children, and overall appreciate each others company.  I appreciate these people so much in ways I probably never express enough to do justice.  The love they exude is immense and always evident.  Conversations over lunch provided the needed levity and comfort I was craving.  I am going to miss these people while I am gone.  I know people do this all the time.. moving somewhere far..  whether for the military, work, or pleasure.  Still, it isn’t an easy feat to swallow.  My day today was a mix of emotions also because I had to part with my dog of 8 years, something I knew would happen yet I still never felt prepared for.  My dog’s name is Mickey, a 110 lb American Bulldog.  We wanted to bring him along but felt it nearly impossible due to the cost of transferring him and the unneeded stress from the travel as well as the quarantine period he would endure upon arrival in Thailand.  He is luckily with one of my closest friends of nearly 20 years and I know he will be loved as he was at home.  I thought I had a heart of stone regarding this but still found myself unable to resist crying upon walking away from his new home.  These decisions weigh heavy on me.  What I have taken from today is that love is such a diverse feeling that brings about such a manic array of emotion.

A Goodbye Party I’ll Remember Forever

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a “farewell party” that my coworkers put together for me.  For the past two years I have worked as an event manager, overseeing about 12-14 staff members.  Through the time working with them I have developed life-long bonds and wonderful memories.  They are genuinely happy for my impending adventure and it was amazing to spend an evening reminiscing and, uh, imbibing.  They all have such great hearts and wonderful outlooks on life.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know that even when I cross over to the other side of this world I can find the humor and life within these people with a simple phone call or online conversation.  Cheers to these wonderful friends and I have high hopes to find people just like them in Thailand!

Last Day at Work

This day marks my last day working at my job.  I have had such great experiences throughout these past 6 years and have appreciated the many bonds created with all my coworkers.  It is bittersweet to say goodbye, or rather “see you later”.  I have a great feeling knowing that upon my return, I could attain a position working there once again.  It’s really a safety-net that I find very reassuring.  Today I will enjoy one last run with the many people who have grown to become my work family.