First Day

After a long night of traveling here (arrived at almost 5am) we felt it best to try to stay up the entire day to sync our circadian rhythms to the 12 hour difference.  We arrived at the hotel just in time for breakfast.  We walked in and asked if we sit first and order or just walk through the buffet and sit.  The waitress looked at us confused.  We asked again as simply as possible with hand gestures and she still simply nodded and back away with shyness.  This was a realization of the language barrier and our need to learn more Thai.  We followed everyone else’s lead and made plates.  The food was AMAZING and different!  Lychee juice, dragonfruit, bacon, eggs, breakfast curries, steamed rice, grilled meatloaf, needless to say an array of familiar and unfamiliar buffet items.  We roamed the side streets, the beach, and tried a few restaurants for lunch and dinner.  Our children are little celebrity here.  Both men and women are constantly waving and smiling to them, patting their heads, or taking their photos.  It’s a different experience.  Everyone is so very kind.

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