Lost in Translation

Today we encountered how difficult language barriers can be.  We simply wanted to go to a coffee shop near the hotel.  My wife found one online that seemed very close to us.  I tried to find it on the Grabtaxi app (similar to Uber in Thailand) but with no luck.  However, I found a different coffee shop on the app that seemed comparable.  We requested a driver and he arrived to take us to D-Cup Coffee, haha.  Once we arrived at the GPS coordinates pinpointed by the app we did not see the coffee shop.  I tried to ask, “Is D-Cup here?” and he looked at me with confusion.  Again, “Ka-fe?” meaning “coffee?”… still he said “I take you where you need to go.”  We did not want to get out at that spot as it was not the coffee shop and seemed to have nothing in the area similar.  We googled the coffee shop and showed him our phone however the phone was in english and he had no use for it.  I have the Waze app from the US so I plotted the other coffee shop “Coffee War” and showed him that.  He followed the directions to that destination and we arrived at an area we thought could be the coffee shop.  NOPE.  It was an area near a canal with no coffee and really just locals.  We walked into what we thought could be the place only to be approached with dinner menus.  We asked, “Is this Coffee War?” and they looked confused.  We showed our phones and about 3 Thai people gathered to try and decipher our phone to tell us where we should be.  They tried to tell us directions but we had no idea how to decipher.  We walked up a street dotted with food vendors and countless stray dogs to the main highway to flag a taxi back to the hotel.  Needless to say we spent about 1 1/2 hours and 400 baht without any coffee.  HAHA.  Still the experience, even as stressful as it was, was impressionable and unforgettable. We ended up having dinner at the hotel and retiring to our beds.  Again,  I need to brush up on my Thai language.

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