With doing this blog I promised myself I would be as brutally honest about the experiences I document. So, it’s worth touching on the little frustrations or, adjustments rather, we have encountered since being here. Everything is Thailand is different for the most part.  Below are a list of our things that have been different.

*There is no hot water in the sink to wash dishes, only cold, and no dishwasher (use LOTS of soap!)

*We have no oven, only a two burner stove and a microwave.

*You cannot run the A/C window units full time or you will be hit with a massive electric bill so you have to live with the heat or circular fans.

*We have no clothes drier, so you hang your clothes on the drying rack out back.

*There are countless little lizards/geckos that run up and down your walls all day. (See below)


*Snakes are plentiful here.

*You only drink bottled water and the water from the tap can we a little murky at times.

*All flooring is tile so don’t walk too fast with wet feet on you’ll end up on the floor.

*Most food items, including junk foods, are flavored with shellfish, fish sauce, or seaweed.


*Most people pay their utility bills at an ATM within a 7-11.

*Lanes are optional when driving in Thailand.

*Everyone measures temperature in celsius and distance in kilometers.

*Mattresses here are about 3/4 inches thick.

*Water heating for showers is ran by a separate electric box you control with a dial (very different).

*Beef is almost nowhere to be found but chicken, pork, and seafood is everywhere.

*Rice is an accompaniment for every meal.

*Your electric bill gets placed in a small plastic box attached to the meter outside your home.

*Wild dogs are EVERYWHERE roaming the streets (however not aggressive).

*The common greeting here is the “wai” where you place your hands in prayer position and lower your your forehead to touch the tips of your fingers.  It’s a sign of respect.


*Most homes or public buildings have little mini/ornate temples at the edge of their property called “spirit houses”.  It is a shrine to the protective spirit of the land.  It’s purpose is to provide shelter for spirits that could cause problems for the people if not appeased.  You will often see offerings placed on the shrine of drink, food, candles, and incense.


*Thai stores provide plastic bags and straws for almost everything!

*I can never seem to locate a trash can when I’m out in public.

*Fish sauce with bird chilis’ is the condiment of choice with most dishes.

*People don’t go to a G.P. when sick but instead go to a small clinic or most times the hospital.


As I think of more that I discover I’ll be sure to add them…..



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