Bike Rides & Rugby

As a kid I grew up playing baseball and basketball.  I would like to say I was actually pretty good at baseball for a while.  I am left handed which tended to be an advantage as a pitcher and I often played center field or first base.  However, once I hit my early teens I abandoned athletics to become a rocker (Ha).  Basically once I discovered grunge music, learned a few chords on guitar, and learned the pleasure of recreational pot (sorry Mom), I had no desire for sports.  Well, in the past few days I have found myself engaging in physical sport more than I have in many years.  With my new friendships here I try my best to get involved in any manner possible in order to make friends and get to know everyone.

Last night one of my new neighbors invited me out for a “bike ride” which I thought would be a leisurely stroll around the golf course we live on.  I was wrong.  This bike ride took me up mountainous dirt roads, through stray-dog laden woods, down those same mountainous roads with gusto, and all around my new neighborhood.  The views and experience were amazing and I know my body will thank me later but, DAMN, it was strenuous.  I honestly am out of shape and not accustomed to the ride so I’m sure it will get easier with time.  I plan to make this a routine.  At the end of our ride I was invited to play “touch rugby” the following day (today).  I obliged.  Keep in mind I rarely play American football and if you know anything about rugby you’ll know it’s a very intense sport.  I planned to give it a go.  Well, after playing today I left the field with some bloody knees, sweat-soaked clothing, and I ultimately had great time.  Actual rugby seems to often be a  brutal sport but touch rugby is actually a great workout and wonderful team building game.  Upon entering the field I joined about 15 other guys and girls.  Everyone was patient with it being my first time and my general lack of knowledge about the rules.  I can see this being a sport to bring back with me to the states to play with friends.

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