I’m living in  fairly rural part of Thailand.  I can go 20 minutes in any direction and find a fairly large city, whether Pattaya, Ban Chang, or Rayong.  Lining all the roads here are multiple street vendors and markets selling all sorts of things at a cheaper cost than a corporate chain like Tesco or 7-11.


I am finding fruits like mangosteen, lychee, pineapple, coconuts, durian, rambutan, and dragon fruit.  There are dried goods like dried mushrooms, dried fish, dried shrimp, and even dried squids which I assume are for making stocks.  Vegetables are harder to come by but you do tend to see corn, green tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and radishes.  Leafy greens seem more rare at the moment. As far as housewares I’ve been seeing lots of the bamboo brooms and rakes, hats of all sizes, pottery, etc.


My son and I made a trip out yesterday to see what we could find.  I think I spent about 100 THB and left with a nice bag of goodies!  Before we left I wanted a coconut to drink.  I asked a local lady selling them for 20 THB.  She quickly chopped it open and presented it to us with a straw.  She was enamored with my son and asked if she could take a picture with him on her phone.  I told her “chai” meaning “yes” and then gestured with my phone indicating I’d like to do the same.  He’s not a big fan of coconut water though.. haha.



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