Religious Tradition

I live in a fairly rural area of Thailand surrounded by golf courses that lie between Rayong, Pattaya, and Ban Chang.  As of late, there has been lots of building and construction for a new development set to by ready by 2018.  New roads, roundabouts, ponds, foliage, and shrines have been popping up each day with the progression of this project.  Something different and new that I witnessed for the first time was the procedure of creating a shrine, in this case the shrine to Brahma.

For the past few weeks a beautifully constructed  spanish-style “gazebo” (for a lack of better words) was slowly taking shape.  It was the first fully formed structure in the middle of desheveled rock and soil at a construction site close to the entrance of our subdivision.  My wife and I had been wondering and discussing what exactly this thing could be. Most recently a giant golden statue was placed within this “gazebo” causing us to infer that it was in fact some sort of shrine.  A few days later there was a large tent set up next to the shrine with many people dressed in all white conducting some sort of ceremony.


Firstly, I am not keen on Buddhist or Hindu tradition so I apologize if I am getting any of my information wrong and for my naievty on the subject .  I am simply writing what I perceived as a quick passer-by.  What I have gathered is that this is a shrine to “Brahma” the creator god in the Trimurti (or Trinity of Supreme Divinity) of Hinduism.  From my own google research, Brahma has four faces looking in four directions and appears to be a protective deity upon the land.


I assume this might by why the shrine was the first structure built as it may bless all the building to follow?   Either was this was a beautiful and intriguing thing to witness as an outsider.  Experiencing things like this is one of the reasons we wanted to come to Thailand.

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