Khao Chi Chan & Silverlake Winery

Last week my family and I decided to go out to the Khao Chi Chan (Buddha Mountain) site to see it up close, first hand.  This is a giant mountain-side with an image of Buddha drawn in gold.  The site is free to visit however it is encouraged to donate money in a few areas at the foot of the mountain. Upon arrival there are many different vendors around selling clothes, coffee, food, and touristy items.  The area is great for kids because it is wide open and spacious so they were able to run around and burn off some energy.  There are multiple covered areas to  stop off for some shade and a rest if you desire.  As you approach the foot of the mountain there are roped off areas you must not cross however there are wonderful stone paths up to the foot of the mountain where many people go to pray.  Definitely an awesome site to see!


After seeing Khao Chi Chan we decided to drive over to Silverlake Winery, which is literally right next door to Khao Chi Chan.  Silverlake Winery is impeccably built in an Italian architectural style and attention to detail is evident.  Access to Silverlake is also free and it is a stunning location just outside of Pattaya.   There is lots to offer including wine tastings, vineyard tours, a full service fine-dining restaurant,  a pizzeria, ice cream shop, as well as a store you can purchase about anything imaginable made from grapes.  I’m told they even have sleeping quarters for those who look to stay an evening on property.  It’s definitely somewhere I look forward to returning to!




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