Back to work

I haven’t updated this blog in a little while.  We had a holiday break, my in-laws came to visit, we have been doing our normal routine and I just hadn’t gotten around to it.  However I must write about the fact that I am now employed!  Don’t get me wrong, those 6 months of no-work responsibility was unemployment bliss and I enjoyed my time exploring, but I was ready to get busy again.  I am now helping out as a TA (teacher’s assistant) with a Year 2 class (1st grade).  I have no experience teaching nor have I really every tried to pursue this as a career but I welcome the experience and opportunity.  I’m essentially helping the teacher with coordinating the class, one-on-one reading with students, printing, laminating, filing, etc.  This job was a definite transition at first as I sometimes find groups of children more intimidating than groups of adults! Ha.  Either way these kids have accepted me and I am learning a whole new set of skills.  I definitely miss the hotel and hospitality industry but appreciate this change while I am living in Thailand.  Who knows, maybe this could be another career path one day.  We’ll see how it goes.

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