The DMV is a Universal Experience

So about a week ago I finally got my Thai drivers license.  I’m legal!  It takes quite a bit of paperwork and time vested to achieve.  We had to collect together photocopies of our American drivers licenses, the first/second/visa pages of our passports, certification of residency, work permits, certificate of health, and finally our international drivers permits.  Each photocopy had to be signed as well.  We had to meet a Thai affiliated with the school at the “Land Transport Office” aka the DMV and present these documents.  Once we did this we then got into a line for a reaction test. In front of me was two pedals at my feet and an LED string of lights about 5 feet away.  When you pressed the “gas” pedal the lights would illuminate from the bottom and quickly travel upward.  You have to hit the “brake” before the lights hit an indicated threshold.  It was pretty easy, however many people I watched had trouble with it.  They then showed us multiple colors and we would indicate the color verbally.  After completing this we then went to a different building and presented our documents along with the certification that we passed the tests.  We then went to another room and sat through an hour-long class completely in Thai.  After this went back to the first room and took a queue number and waited to be called for payment.  Licenses were 205 baht per person.  Not bad.  You then took another number to wait to be called for pictures.  Once the picture was taken the license was produced.  Just like in the USA, the Land Transport Office is also a somewhat painful experience.  And just as the employees of the DMV in the states appear unconcerned about the person looking to get the license, things are the same here.  Haha.

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