Mama, mama I’m coming home.


Yeah, I cheesily quoted Ozzy Osbourne with the blog title.  Anyways..  After about 11 months abroad, we our making our very first return trip to USA for the summer.  We are very excited to say the least.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with family and friends and share the stories and experiences we’ve encountered while being abroad.  We’ve even got the first few hours planned and pretty set.  Once we hit arrivals at the airport, hop in that rental car, we will be heading straight towards our favorite Mexican restaurant for a lunch which will consist of el pastor tacos, ceviche, carnitas, refried beans, micheladas, and strong margaritas. You just can’t find amazing Mexican food in Thailand!  We have definitely fantasized about that moment for quite some time and IT WILL HAPPEN!

The flight is the only real hurdle we must tackle.  This time we only have one connecting flight and the entire flight time is only 22 hours versus the flight here, running about 26 hours.  Still long as hell either way you slice it.

I am curious how much different the bustle of American life will feel after spending time in a rural area of Thailand.  It will be strange to be amongst so many people who speak english again, to drive on the right-side of the road, to encounter such a prominent police presence, to eat western cuisine, the cost of living, etc.  Life here is essentially the same.  People have needs, they fulfill them. However, many things are done more simplistically here and it will be interesting to see things from our home with different eyes.  I’m looking forward to it!

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