Viharn Sien Pattaya Chinese Temple

After multiple times of passing the Viharn Siem Temple throughout the past two years, we decided to make a visit today.  This is a Chinese Temple used as a place of worship but also as a museum of Chinese artifacts.  It sits next to a beautiful lake FILLED with catfish (they sell food to feed them outside the complex).  So, our first stop was to take a brief moment to feed the fish and take in the sights.  We then went to the ticket booth and purchased our tickets for 50 baht each.  The temple complex is surrounded with amazing sculptures and wonderfully manicured plants.  Inside the building you can see artwork, pottery, linens, statues, etc. from China.  They even had a few of the clay warriors from Emperor Qin’s Terra cotta Army, along with a minature replica of the excavation site.  This place was definitely worth the visit!