Family Reunion

A few days ago I was reunited with all the faces of my past.  Faces of my childhood, my adolescence, those who help me to form the person I am today.  Immediate family, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, a niece.  It was bittersweet.  I was able to joke, laugh, discuss my future plans, and help them understand the venture at hand.  I received a mix of reactions and emotions.  Some family were supportive and envious of the “jump” we were taking.  Some were worried and scared for the risks we are undertaking with a family.  Others, like my immediately family, were sad regarding the fact they would not see us for the next two years.  It was hard to explain such a leap of faith to loved ones.  All of this weighs heavy on my heart. Nevertheless, I look forward with a positive perspective at the opportunities I will face that can open my world perspective and enrich my life altogether.

Goodbye Ride

Today I sold my car.  This is huge as I have always had a vehicle since I was 15 years old.  My wife and I are sharing a vehicle until the final days before our departure.  I got a ride home from work today.  Weird.

A Million Pieces Coming Together

We have 60 days before we depart and we have been steadily checking off our to-do list….  

I have been canceling small department store credit cards I will not need while overseas.

I have been readying a savings account for any surprises along the way.

We signed up for a credit card without foreign transaction fees that accumulates travel miles we’ll use in the future.

We have signed an agreement with a property management company that will help us secure a tenant for our home and look after it while on the other side of the world.

We continually clean our home over and over again (our kids destroy it) in preparation for prospective tenants who want to view the home.

We’ve been planting flowers, refinishing floors, cleaning vinyl siding, painting walls, dusting… YOU NAME IT.

I’ve made appointments to see my dentist, GP doctor, and dermatologist.  We will visit a travel clinic for vaccinations.

We are selling our belongings daily on websites like Craigslist and online Facebook yard sales, as well as apps like LetGo and OfferUp.

I listed my car for sale on Auto-trader.

We’ve found homes for our pets, close friends who will keep our two animals while we are gone.  We weighed our options of bringing them and realized it wasn’t possible.

I’ve been steadily giving away artwork I’ve accumulated from my years in art school, etc.

We will meet with a financial planner who will advise us the necessary steps to take to handle finances and taxes while abroad.