First Week of School

So last week was our children’s first week of ACTUAL school.  While in the states, our children stayed with a wonderful woman who loved them as her own and ensured they were fed, changed, entertained, etc.  The only thing missing at the previous daycare was a structured educational environment.  This is exactly what our children are enjoying here in Thailand.  Before moving here, if you asked my daughter what she was most excited about she would say “I’m excited to go to school!”  Her excitement and anticipation has come to fruition in a beautiful way.

Our children are both attending an International School.  The school’s main focus is on the child’s self-discovery and engagement to form a love of learning.  In the nursery (age 2) our son has been playing with clay, doing P.E. activities, swim lessons, arts/crafts, and simply loves his teacher who is amazing.  When I come to pick him up he most times does not want to leave.  He loves it!  He’s been a reserved kid often in crowds but has been adapting nicely.  He’s been coming out of his shell!  My daughter (age 4) has been learning to count in Thai, draw, tell stories, interact and socialize with children of all nationalities, and brings home a book every night assigned by her teacher that we read and discuss so she may share her thoughts the following day.  The change I have seen in these two is immense and it’s only been a week!  One thing I love most about the structure of this school is that they have a progress book carried in their book bag each day that informs us of the activities the children have done, complete with pictures from that day!  So awesome.

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